Martha T. Lipton Makes You Feel Something!


May 7


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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298 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

San Francisco, CA, US, 94103

Martha T. Lipton Makes You Feel Something! Doors at 6pm. Show at 7pm.

Forever aspiring actress Martha has been fine-tuning “her instrument” for over three and half decades now. For one night only, she hopes to play you like a fiddle. An “emotional rollercoaster” is what she promises during this night of madcap comedy and spontaneous tears. How does a guttural cry of agony sound in pantomime? Might a sock puppet hold the keys to your catharsis? That’s right, the health of your entire emotional life might just depend on this single artist’s “craft”. Through storytelling, expressive arts “therapy”, and TMI psycho-drama… Martha traces a wobbly line towards our collective queer healing. Let’s collaborate and take note of Martha’s deep need to share, educate, and inform. However you respond is “exactly right.” Martha’s only request is that you “wear clothes you can move in” and “please don’t take away too much time from the group” if you have any questions or objections. Play along and you might even experience a soul-shaking revelation. Or at least you can witness an actress doing what actresses do….at a gay nightclub no less!

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