Welcome to MUSL

It is without question we use smartphones as a way to get information, communicate with others, and run our lives.  One area of interest for us, for nearly three years now, is how the use of smartphone technology has changed the way we date. And on an ever-increasing basis, how we fall in love, how we meet others, and how we have sex.

In the past year, we have spoken to nearly 900 men of backgrounds; gay, bi, trans, gen z to the greatest generation, and men who are married in strictly monogamous relationships to men in open triades.  Our findings have resulted in our product-MUSL. MUSL is a new way to connect with others, a way which fosters a more real, honest, and well-lit place for men to meet others who are looking for the same type of relationship.

Below is our infographic of just some of our key findings from our research. See why men use or don’t use dating apps: