Not into the gay bar scene? Here are 7 gay social alternatives

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For many the gay bar scene is not their cup of tea, whether it’s the late night hours, loud music, or feeling like they don’t fit in with the crowds or simply hate large crowds. Whatever their reasons for having a dislike for the gay nightlife. I have listed some other social and/or active events that may or may not provide a solution to the community that feels like that have limited options for having fun. If you are new to this website, we promote parties and events on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

1 – Gay Cruises


Gay cruises have been in recent years controversy due to Covid-19 with viral videos of gay men cruising and participating in wild shenanigans on the dancefloor. However, there are some benefits to traveling on a gay cruise is the abilities to visit various islands and cities in different countries and continents. Abroad a gay cruise are the activities and live shows that homophobic-free along with the comfort of having a safe space aboard a ship that caters exclusively to the gay community. Now, it’s not to say that ones experience will be completely problematic-free; however, you’ll have the ability to roam around the ship and find your own tribe to connect with for a memorable experience. If you feel that you didn’t enjoy a particular gay cruise vibe, then I recommend trying other cruise ships. The gay cruise industry is constantly expanding and these companies are adding more trips on their rosters so definitely check out our gay cruise page for a list of cruise companies. Check out our listing of gay cruises like Atlantis Events, RSVP and more. Click Here

*sidenote* some cities have gay cruise events during gay pride so make sure to check out our gay pride guides for events in your local or visiting city

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