8% of Married / Partnered guys do it, but 71% want it.

As you may know, we spent 3 years talking to men about why they use a gay dating app.  One of the biggest findings was how 14% of all single men use a dating app primarily to find new friends-not to hook-up or even date.  This got us thinking about men who are married or partnered-don’t they want to find new friends also?  Well the answer was a very solid “yes”.  Currently only 8% of gay men who are in a monogamous (or monogomish) relationship use a gay dating app.

However, 71% of married or partnered men would like to use an app to find friends.  So why don’t they?  Well there are a few main reasons but one major reason:  92% say that despite their profile indicating “friends only”, “not looking for sex”, “i am happily married and not looking for a f*ck buddy” (you get the idea) other men just did not read their profiles.  And for many-and the most upsetting-is other men who did not believe they were in a closed relationship.  Sigh.  Many guys over the age of 35 talked to us about their found memories of meeting other gay men as friends via AOL chatrooms.  (For you youngsters, there is a web portal called AOL…sorry, a Web Portal is something….never mind:)  Anywho this is one of the reasons why we created MUSL.  MUSL is a great way to meet new friends.   Knowing  everyone in the “friend” portion of MUSL is also looking for friends you married/partnered, (as well as you swinging single guys) you can connect to others like it is 1999 (literally) again.