Gay Cruising Guide for International and Out-Of-Town men visiting NYC – UPDATED 1/8/17

When I first started this post, my mission was to help connect local New Yorkers to locations in the city to fuck since I see so many ads on Craigslist and I figured if they knew, what I knew, then they wouldn’t waste their time trying to hook up through a site that has a low-guarantee rate of getting off. So, I created this blog so that guys like me can find out about places to fuck without having to Google and search all night long and end up just jerking off or getting stood up by some flake or hounded by some troll. After creating the blog, I checked the stats of my posts to see where I am receiving the most visits to my blog. Of course, most of my viewers/readers are from the United States; however many of my readers are international. At the beginning, most of my readers were from Germany and US then along came Russia. Out of nowhere Ireland and Singapore started to pick up more viewership. Thus, I welcome all my readers from around the world to my blog. I hope this help you plan your trip to New York City and I hope it makes it a very well fuck-filling vacation. If you are not sure where to start, find a gay bar in Chelsea on 8th Avenue from 16th Street to 23rd Street, also at The Eagle if you’re familiar with that place. You should grab a Next Magazine or check out their site. – They are no longer in publication 1/8/2017. In Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, on 9th Avenue from 45th Street to 52nd Street for any of the gay bars with the RAINBOW sticker posted on the outside. There’s a pull out map of all the gay bars ONLY. For the sex clubs, parties and events, you have to check out my previous posts for details. I POST A MONTHLY GUIDE TO HELP YOU ALL FIND THE MOST CURRENT PARTIES AND EVENTS Things to know about New York City/America: (In No Particular Order) We don’t have darkrooms just some sleazy bars: The Cock and The Eagle. The rest of America except for San Francisco mostly likely don’t have them either. Urinating in public is against the law so don’t get caught. Drinking alcohol in public is against the law so don’t get caught American gay men can be very hypocritical and prudish in regards to sex. Most American men are circumcised. Ask the locals where the places to go to hook up or find cruisey and/or sleazy bars; there’s a good chance you just might get lucky. Buy a Weekly Metrocard if you plan on staying more then 3 days or staying in a hotel that is far away from all the action. Outside of New York City, you have to have a car to get around. Make sure you download a Subway map app on your smartphone. In New York City gay scene, we have a very diverse race, age and build so all is welcomed. Most of the gay scene is on the west side of Manhattan and downtown: Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Upper West Side, East Village/Lower East Side, The Village/West Village and Midtown West Brooklyn has gay bars too. WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn – Metropolitan, Macri Park, Excelsior Gay Video Stores/Adult bookstores have booths (Gloryholes) where you can get off if you’re seeking anonymous sex; be careful of thieving hustlers and druggies. Straight acting, closeted and married men often use these visit these places. My advice is to go to gay sex theaters: Bijou Cinema if you and a potential hook-up can’t host and you need a discreet cheap place to go where they don’t ask for your names.Also, Les Hommes Book Shop on the Upper West Side. They both have small private booths that you don’t have to pay and just hook up without anyone else trolling around ruining all the fun. Be careful of pickpocketers and always check your wallet when making out with someone who is very touchy-feely around your waist and ass. New York City has free STD clinics to get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV health screening/testing. We cruise for sex very quietly in the streets and most well lit bars and very hard in the sleazy/dark bars The darker the lights, the sleazier the bar. Vice Versa, the lighter the lights, the least sleazy the bar Cruising, Looking, Hooking Up also Sup (What’s up) are the terms we use to find sex Mobile Apps: Grindr, Scruff, Mister, Growlr, and Jack’d recently created DaddyHunt Hookup Websites:,, Craigslist BarebackRT * – is an international website that list cruising spots throughout the world. Many locations are not posted on my blog and not listed in gay magazines so check it out and be careful in public/non-gay cruising spots you can get arrested. – is an international website that list sex parties mainly in New York City and around the world who specialize in promoting safe-sex parties and non-sexual parties such as New York Jacks New York City host many sex-related events: Black Party in Third Saturday to Sunday in March – Largest Circuit Leather Party Urban Bear Weekend in First Weekend in May, Daniel Nardicio Fire Island Underwear Parties Memorial Day in May-August Pines Party – Fire Island – Mid-July – Largest party of the season on the island Folsom East in June – East Coast version of Folsom in San Francisco New York City Gay Pride – Last week of June Hustlaball Columbus Weekend in October – Celebration of Escorts and Gay Porn stars – this event has been cancelled indefinitely PADDLES NYC in Chelsea and Rainbow House Playground in Astoria, Queens are the most known public gay sex parties Not to mention the monthly CumUnion Nubian Dukes/Swirl, New York Jock Party (NYJP), Golden Boys USA and countless other sex parties throughout the 5 boroughs: (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island). Harlem is a neighborhood IN Manhattan; not a borough. I hope these tips are helpful and don’t deter you from coming to New York City because if you do come here, you will cum. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask me and I will try to answer them in a timely manner. Much Love and Cum DC

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